Friday, October 18, 2013

Time for a Turkish Picture Explosion

Good news, folks!

I've finally found a reliable (so far) method of uploading my photospheres to the web: Picasa! Good old Google. Of course they are the solution. But because I'm using this, I had to create a new link for my Google+ photosphere album. So forget everything you knew about the old album link, and use this one instead:

The album is now currently up to 41 shots. Here's three reasons to check them out:

  1. All of them have a description of what you're looking at
  2. They may or may not include floating limbs
  3. Many of them point out interesting things to look for. It's like having a Holy Land Where's Waldo game delivered to your computer! Tourism + Your Childhood = Photospheres. 
You can count on this album being updated when I make a new blog post (as long as I have a new Photosphere, which is like, always) and it will often get updated between blog posts, as well.

So! Let me show you some of the photospheres from Turkey that I didn't get to show off yet. I told you about most of these locations in my previous post, but now you can see them f'real.

Courtyard of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul (not Constantinople, remember?)

The Grand Bazaar, containing over 4000 shops. This is just one of a bazillion intersections.
Also notice the hole I tore in the space-time continuum. Don't eat Turkish beans.

The Pergamon Acropolis. Disneyland, eat your heart out. Check out the Temple of Athena, the theater and the valley below.
Also notice my roommate AJ and his twin AJ. What great guys!

Here's some rockin' seating in the Ephesus theater!... Get it? Please at least give me a pity-laugh. Ephesus contains some of the best ruins in the world, methinks. The city has been under excavation for 100 years. We expect another 100 years before we're done.

I'm holding a picture of Ephesus while standing in the picture of Ephesus.
See Bible Dictionary: Epheseption.

Nicea. Emperor Constantine's palace, where confusion all began in 325 AD, is under that water.
Actually, the confusion began when Satan decided he was the shiz.

Those are just a few of the best Photospheres. Finally, I'd like to take this moment to remind you that I'd like to remind you to check out my Photosphere album for the rest of the shots I got in Turkey, especially the ones inside the mosques. They are stunningly detailed, and really big. So now that I've reminded you of that reminder, let me give you the actual reminder, in which I remind you to check out my Photosphere album. That's what really completes this blog.



  1. haha you are easily my favorite person i laugh everytime i read your posts... it wasn't a pity laugh! thanks kevin.

  2. Well, you DID feed me chocolate... It's the least I could do ;D